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Lithium Ion Battery Applications

We provide Lithium Ion batteries for a range of applications such as Forklifts, Floor scrubbers, Reach Trucks, Pallet Trucks and Golf Carts.
forklift lifting boxes

Lithium Ion Forklift batteries have a long life cycle


The application of lithium ion technology to forklifts represents the latest advance in motive power in this sector. Not only are lithium ion batteries more cost-effective and maintenance-free, they are environmentally-friendly as well. Due to their long lifespan, Lithium ion batteries do not have to be recycled as often either. They can be opportunity charged, meaning more uptime when it is needed most.

reach truck lifting boxes

We offer Lithium Ion Batteries for reach trucks.

Reach Trucks

Lithium ion batteries are revolutionising the market for electric industrial equipment such as reach trucks. These high-power energy cells offer a major total cost of ownership advantage over traditional lead-acid batteries. This increased capacity translates into improved warehouse efficiency and handling capacity. Rapid charging and zero maintenance also ensure continuous operation.

man pulling pallet truck

Our batteries are also suitable for pallet trucks.

Pallet Trucks

Improve the flexibility and throughput of any warehouse operation by equipping your pallet jacks with Lithium ion battery packs for high availability due to less charging time required. While lead-acid batteries are the traditional standard for materials-handling equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks, advances in Lithium ion technology have revolutionised this sector. Supply-chain management has never been more efficient and productive thanks to this development.

Cleaning Machine

We provide Lithium Ion Batteries for cleaning equipment.

Cleaning Equipment

Spend more time cleaning and less time on charging and ensuring your equipment is up-and-running at all times thanks to lithium ion battery technology. This is the perfect zero maintenance power source requiring no battery watering, fuel-tank replacement or storage.

A Line of Golf Carts

We provide lithium ion battery for Golf Carts.

Golf Carts

The main advantage in installing Li-ion batteries in golf carts is their longevity – both in terms of shift life and lifespan. With a guarantee of 5 years, and life expectancy of almost double that, it proves more convenient and cost effective than replacing deep-cycle lead acid batteries every 2 or 3 years. Furthermore, opportunity charging means that the battery can be quickly topped up at the halfway house or 19th hole! The inherent higher energy density of lithium ion batteries also means that larger capacity batteries can be installed in the same battery compartment, ensuring that even on a bad round, you will have enough energy on board to get you back to the clubhouse.

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